Nursing and Rehab Facility Facts


"It’s hard to put into a few words how much Hartford Nursing Home and the entire staff meant to our family.

To all the nursing staff on the second floor, administrative staff and all their departments. Our sister Ethel was always treated with patience and kindness. What a blessing it was for her to be at your facility."

- Hartford Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Helping Residents Live Their Best Lives

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities are an essential part of large and small communities across our state.  Nurses, aides and administrators in our facilities are dedicated to helping residents live their best lives.  

Skilled nursing facilities are resident- and community-focused. Today’s facilities offer home-like comforts and a less-structured atmosphere. They promote autonomy and choice, and offer a variety of services, social activities and recreational opportunities.

Skilled nursing and rehab facilities care for a variety of patients, each with different needs. Some will stay for only a short time while recovering from an injury or illness; others, like those with serious medical conditions, might require a lengthier stay. Every day, facilities are helping residents achieve their highest potential. 


It's About Quality Care

Our facilities are committed to the best possible care.

The quality journey never ends for nursing and rehab facilities. The Health Care Association of Michigan remains steadfast in assisting skilled nursing facilities in continuing to improve the quality of care provided to residents. ​

The overwhelming majority of caregivers work in the long term and post-hospital care field because they want to help people and make a difference in patients’ lives. The ratings for compassionate, expert medical care are the highest they’ve ever been. According to the 2011 Survey of Customer and Employee Satisfaction in Nursing Homes, 88 percent of residents are satisfied with the quality of their care, and 87 percent of residents and their family members would recommend their facility, based largely on the care, concern and competency of the staff.

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